"Being first time investors, having a positive experience with our property manager was of upmost importance. The leasing agents high level of professionalism, organisation and general kind and courteous nature made choosing Rockwell Property Group a simple and rewarding choice. "

Property Owner - M. Durham Tenant

"Dealing with Rockwell Property Group has been a dream from the very start! I was moving across the country with my family and RPG made the process of viewing, applying for and ultimately leasing the property so simple. Rockwell's customer service is beyond compare, and it really was such a simple and easy process during what could have been a stressful time. "

Tenant - J. Vandenberg Tenant

"Rockwell's experience, communication and willingness to go the extra mile is second to none. My properties have always been leased quickly and the leasing agents has even made recommendations based on their own experiences for minor improvements/renovations to increase my rental income.  "

Property Owner - L. Wu Tenant